It’s gift wrapping time of year!

Hittade de här enkla och fina idéerna till julklappsinslagning på Lexingtons hemsida nyss, tänker nog anamma de flesta av dem till årets julklappar! Jag gillar speciellt tanken på att kunna ta tillvara restpapper som kanske inte räcker till att slå in ett helt paket i..

”Here’s 5 easy ideas to make the gift wrapping a little more creative, fun and cute!”

1. Add something sweet
Just attach a candy cane to your wrapped gift to give it an extra sweet touch

2. Mix your papers
Use different wrapping papers on the same gift to give it a cool and sharp look. This is especially good for when you’re starting to run out of one kind of paper, use the spare parts, and add them to your wrapped gifts for an extra touch.

3. Add some Holiday spirit with a green twig.
Just cut a little twig of the Christmas tree and stick it under your wrapping ribbons.

4. Literal wrapping
For a fun and quirky gift, wrap your gifts in their actual shape.

5. Decorate it!
Tie something cute, like our Holiday hearts and stars to your gifts for a cute touch.

 Källa: DIY 5 Gift Wrapping Ideas

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